Welcome to the Hourglass Body Lash Suite


Our eyelash extensions will enhance your natural beauty by creating a longer, thicker and curlier look to your lashes. We are expertly trained to isolate your lashes one at a time and attach an extension that will create a look designed especially for you. There is no “one size fits all” at HourGlass Lash...we consider not only the desired look you want to achieve, but the health of your lashes as well.




+ What is the process?

You will be laying on our lash bed with your eyes closed while one of our certified lash technicians prepares your lashes for extensions. After they are cleaned and primed we will isolate one single natural  lash and apply an artificial lash to it using a surgical grade, semi permanent adhesive. This step is repeated until both eyes are fully lashed and the look you desire is achieved.

+ How long does it take?

The lashing process varies in time based on the amount of lashes you have, the way your lashes grow and the amount of eye movement you have. A full set of lashes takes 2-4 hours, while a 2 week fill in takes 1-2 hours.

+ How long will they last?

When they are properly cared for, lash extensions can last up to 4 weeks with biweekly fill in appointments to keep them full.


+ How do I care for them?

Eyelash extensions are easy to take care of but you must follow a few basic rules to protect them. The adhesive bond can be weakened by dirt, oil, and early exposure to water or steam. It’s important to avoid exposing them to water or steam in the first 48hrs as well as excessive brushing. It is also important to clean your lashes 2-3 times a week with an approved lash cleaner, and to avoid rubbing your eyes or sleeping on them.

+ Can they damage my natural lashes?

Wearing lashes that are too heavy or removing them incorrectly can lead to damage of your natural lashes. When applied responsibly, lash extensions can actually protect your lashes from the drying impact of mascara use which can improve their overall health.