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1. Typically it will take 10-12 sessions for significant and long lasting results.

2. Please keep your appointments and make up any that you miss. This type of therapy is cumulative and consistency is important.


3 & 4

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3. We recommend that you come 2-3 times per week to allow your body time to process the released fat. 

4. Liver support is recommended to help your body process the released fat. (We can provide this if you need help.)



5 & 6

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5. Drink water before each treatment and continue throughout the day as directed. This helps flush the fat and toxins from your system.

6. Don't eat one hour before and one hour after treatment. 


7 & 8

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7. Some form of exercise for at least 10-20 minutes must follow each treatment to stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation and help process the released fat.

8. Reduce your overall caloric intake while limiting starchy carbohydrates and simple sugars.



9 & 10

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9. Please lessen or eliminate alcohol during the treatment process. Alcohol negatively affects the liver which will work against this treatment, lessening the results. 

10. Once you've achieved your goal, it is important that you stay on a regular monthly maintenance program. 


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